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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm shepard smith. see you tomorrow. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> today i'm announcing that the department of energy is awarding nearly $2 billion in conditional commitments to two solar companies. >> bill: now one of those companies abound solar is in desperate financial trouble. is this another solyndra? another embarrassment for the obama administration? we will tell you what we know. >> i see this man who is wearing a bandanna, sunglasses, and baseball hat. that he was all i kind of initially saw that, and the gun in his hand. >> bill: 22 americans robbed at gunpoint in mexico after getting off a carnival cruise line. we told you about the danger down there. juliet huddy with a follow-up report. >> i don't think i look at her as a student at all. i mean, we are sharing life. >> people don't agree because of the age difference. >> bill: another disturbing stupidity teacher story. 41-year-old guy moves in one of his students. megyn kelly on the legal implications. >> i think it's a normal relationship.
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>> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more financial craziness in the obama administration. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the major issue of the presidential campaign in 2012 is not jobs. it's not iran. it's not the jihad. the most important issue facing americans is the chaos and i mean that word. chaos. in government spending. listen to this. fannie mae, the government sponsored agency that provides housing loans to lower income americans now asking for $4.6 billion more in federal aid to cover their deficit. at this point fannie mae has cost the american taxpayer $100 billion yet the agency wants more. so let's go back to july 14th, 2008 when congressman barney frank oversight authority on
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fannie mae and freddie mac said this. >> i think this is a case where fannie and freddie are fundamentally sound. if they are not in danger of going under, they are not the best investments these days from the long-term standpoint going back. i think they are in good shape going forward. they are in the housing market. i do think their prospects going forward are very solid. in fact we are going to do some things that are going to improve them. >> bill: shoe you are, barney, sure you are. obviously frank was wrong then he lied about it on this program and i scolded him. we don't need to replay that again i'm sure you remember what happened. combine freddie fan and freddie mac received $150 billion from the treasury department. again, it's not enough. fanny wants more. then there is another looming green disaster. you already know about solyndra which cost the american taxpayer $500 million. but you have heard about abound solar based in colorado? nearly two years ago president obama said this. >> today i'm announcing that the department of energy is
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awarding nearly $2 billion in conditional commitments to two solar companies. the second company is abound solar manufacturing which will manufacture advanced solar panels at two new plants creating more than 2,000 construction jobs and 1500 permanent jobs. >> bill: those permanent jobs weren't so permanent. this week abound solar announced it's laying off half its workforce nearly 200 employees. another fiscal disaster. person voters have to wise up and fast. this country is wasting enormous amount of money. we owe $16 trillion. that figure could rise to 20 trillion over the next four years. talking points has said this before the way to stabilize federal pending is for congress to pass the same spending level we had in 2008. obviously you have to exempt medicare because of the expenses. but, otherwise, it's doable. but, no, congress and the president are actually increasing government spending this year. hear me well. deficit spending is the major issue facing the nation now.
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and president obama is not confronting it. the democratic party is not doing anything about it. and the republic party is north selling the urgency of the situation. but, because talking points is looking out for you, i am. that's the memo reaction. vice president at the most progressive organization and robert democratic fundraiser. how can president obama ask me to pay more taxes when every single day i am reporting things like this. investst vestment of the federal government. mismanaging what i have already given him, robert. first of all, is he asking all of us for more money. >> i'm personalizing it is he asking me more more money. is he mismanaging what i have already given him. >> i have got to tell you. i don't agree with you on that premise. >> bill: are you happy about. this i'm happy we have 21 months of private sector job growth.
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>> bill: no. are you happy with fannie mae. >> of course not. president bush signed a law in july of 2008 that required that fannie mae stay solvent. that's why we are stuck with the situation. i would like fannie mae and freddie mac to be accomplished. >> bill: why doesn't he he abolish them. he can introduce legislation through surrogates get rid of it. >> some some americans facing foreclosure right now fiasco for the economy bill while veto lend more money you? are okay with that? >> not happy but lot more unhappy if we sunk back into another recession or even worse. >> bill: how about abound solar another in long line of investments the federal government has made in alternative green energy that have collapsed. what about this? >> look, you can't look at the energy, the need for developing green jobs and say china can bank roll their companies, germany and france can do that, we just walk away from that industry. our government has -- >> bill: why can't the private sector do it? why do my tax dollars have to go into -- >> competition overseas being funded by government.
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>> bill: so what? private sector can overcome government funding cannot. >> it cannot. that's why the government stood by the defense industry and that's why our government stood up and supported -- >> bill: wait. why can't our private sector, all right, overcome public funding from china and germany in why? >> well, one thing is our private sector actually is investing in those same two very companies. in fact they invested even more. >> bill: that's good why. >> could have until they possibility of a viable market. that's what the government loans say there is going to be a customer at the end of this deal. we have as a nation a real stake in getting off the fossil fuel. >> bill: it's not working out. >> i don't think you can say it's not working out. >> bill: how much more money do we have to poor into these bankrupt companies. it's not just two. there is a whole bunch of others. in fact, there isn't one success story. tell me. >> think about how long. >> bill: give me one green success story that right now has paid off after three years
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of the obama administration? >> i think. >> bill: can you give me one. >> a longer time frame. >> bill: i'm going to take that as a no you can't give me one. >> for the internet to pay off oand microchip. >> bill: the internet? >> it's too short of a. >> bill: internet private money. >> no it was public money. department of defense. >> bill: hold it? have you never heard of microsoft? you have never heard of steve jobs in that's what did that? >> technology making microsoft possible came from the department of defense. bill till it came from the department of defense because they were doing space stuff and they discovered stuff that brought down which was then sold to private. wait. i asked tamara, give me one success story on the green level after -- it's close to a trillion dollars of investment, okay? one. and you guys can't do it. yet, you are telling me we should continue this stuff. >> absolutely. >> bill: this is scary. >> what's scary to me, go back to your talking point, the issue of the deficit. i think certainly president
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obama should have supported -- the bottles simpson. >> bill: he did not. >> the republic party is more focused on cutting taxes than they are on reducing the deficit. >> bill: that may be true. there is no urgency, doesn't seem to be on othe part of the republic candidate. >> use it to abolish programs federal government like the environmental protection agency. >> bill: wait. what i'm trying to say is this government under president obama and i don't think i'm being ideological here. i'm just being a facts based guy. this is terribly mismanaged. if he were managing a private company he would be out thereof unless it were g.e. which they don't care about. >> how about the automotive industry? >> let's remember the situation that president obama inherited. >> bill: oh stop, he has had three years and trillions of dollars of investment and nothing to show for it? >> that is not true. we. >> bill: that was bailout. >> great investment for our country. >> a loan paid back dividends. >> bill: i don't have any beef with that. >> tell that to the million auto workers that have jobs.
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it wasn't a bailout. it was a lifeline for an important industry in this country. >> bill: i am going to oppose paying more of my tax money to a government that mismanages it. i don't mind paying it, all right, because i want to pay my fair share and i love my country. this thing is mismanaged. that's what we are talking about. all right. we appreciate you guys coming and taking the fire. next on the run down, laura ingraham will predict what's going to happen on super tuesday. it should be interesting. and then rick santorum is going to be here to tell us how he is going to derail mitt how he is going to derail mitt
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>> bill: week in review ingraham angle segment tonight laura ingraham from washington, d.c. talking to robert and tamara, they are good people, i understand that. but it gets to a point where i'm not an idealogue as you know. have you scolded me many times both on radio. >> you are an independent. >> bill: you say that with a sneer. >> it's a ridiculous. you are a conservative and you don't want to say that. >> bill: some things i am and other things i am not. what i am is a problem-solver. i look at things this way. i see fiscal disaster under president obama. now, i don't think is he trying to run the country into the ground so that a great social its i can thing can socialistic thing can take place. all i isn't efficiency. that's all. >> let's talk about what you started talking about with this green jobs disaster.
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tara gin is part of that big consortium got billions of dollars from the federal government. 2.4 billion in government subsidies and support. tara begin has created from $468 million in grants, 50 permanent jobs. that's $9 million per job. >> bill: a job. >> it's not about ideology. the government is really bad at this. this is not what the government is supposed to do. it doesn't work. >> bill: lauer and i shockingly agree on this. >> yeah. do i believe obama wants to control things though. >> bill: i just wanted one success story. just give me one wind mill farm. just give me one green thing that after all the billions of dollars that have been put in and that's my money, that's your money, that's everybody's money. just give me one and they can't do it because there isn't one. go. >> bill, the allegeage guy
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thing there is promise capturing the gas and turning that into. that's going to take a while. that's coming. >> bill: why can't the mit people do that and start up company do that. >> they do it. they do it all the time. it's ridiculous and idea we are going to compete with china by throwing our tax dollars at a problem is obscenely ridiculous and immature and just silly season. that's silly season stuff. we are headed off a cliff and nobody apparently wants to talk about that they want to talk about, you know, the contraception thing or something about that. >> bill: green energy and things like that which is important by the way but not at the level of this. enter the republic candidates all four of them. so they basically they are going to live or die against president obama on the unemployment situation, which is at 83 now and they come next week with new numbers. if it goes down president obama say we are working. we are going to come back. bigger picture, more important picture is this. the mismanagement of the american treasury. >> you hit on it in the
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talking points memo. the long-term prospects for the country. whether our country really is going to survive as we know her to be today is really the preeminent question not left or right. >> bill: why do republicans make a big deal out of that and start to ring the bell on the urgency level? >> i think what happened remember the debt ceiling fight. i think they got spooked and then they got spooked on othe payroll tax hike which they didn't handle very well. when they were doing really well is, what happened? the tea party focused the debate on debt and spending. what happened when they did that? wow, people kind of got that. they saw the 15 trillion or back then 13 trillion-dollar time bomb. they said wait a second. this is going to destroy my children's future. we have got to do something about that republicans have to get back to focusing on the survival of the united states, period. that's what we have to talk about. >> bill: there is a lot of people talking about higher prices because of the weakening dlarg. >> yeah, it's going to get bad. >> bill: why is the dollar
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weakening. >> printing money. >> bill: 16 trillion-dollar debt. >> we are printing money. it's all fake, bill. this idea we are having some great rebound and things are going -- ben bernanke basically put a big wet blanket on that he said long term we might have growth prospects but it's going to be years in the offing before we can turn that around and i listened to that testimony very carefully. we have big, big problems facing this country. >> bill: that's right. even bernanke knows it. i saw his beard move. real quick 30 seconds, romney any stopping romney now? >> he has wind at his back. santorum has to win i believe ohio. the last poll he was up quite a bit. up 21 points the last poll in tennessee, those numbers are going to come down. mitt romney will win vermont and idaho and massachusetts. if he manages to come in second in some of these southern states it's going to be tough for rick santorum. he thinks this thing has changed before it could change again. they don't have any debate and that is going to hurt.
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>> bill: one more thing and senator santorum is coming up behind you. it's money. he doesn't have any money rick santorum right now. >> he has some money. >> bill: not much. >> raised 8 million or 9 million in february. romney has burned through a lot of money. don't forget burned through it in the last year and a half. >> bill: 350 million of his own he could throw in at any time. huge advantage. >> spending your own money bill that gets harder. >> bill: he did it last time he will do it this time. rick santorum enters the no spin zone. how is he going to derail mitt romney next tuesday. the senator will tell us. later, tourists rocked at gunpoint in mexico. we have been warning you about that situation. eyewitness
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>> bill: pernl story segment
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tonight. poll after the votes in arizona mitt romney leads with 40%. rick santorum 24%. newt gingrich 16%. ron paul 12%. improoft proovment. rick santorum joins us now campaigning for vote on saturday. let's talk some tactics here. 10 states on tuesday. washington state as i mentioned on saturday. the money factor becomes news now to buy tv time in all those places, right? >> it's absolutely true. we have been very, very successful. this month, last month of february we raised $9 million. here is the key, bill, two thirds of those donors came from small dollar donations. compared to 9% of governor romneys come for from small dollar donors. 130,000 donors. we got a grass roots effort out here that, you know, trying to combat the inside crowd, the folks that -- the good old boys funding romney's campaign. we have got grass roots
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america funding our campaign. >> bill: how do you evaluate barack obama's religion or specialty? i mean, if he is your opponent, are you going to go after obama on the religious issue? do you think is he a christian? do you think he values people of faith? what do you think on that area? >> his personal faith is none of my concern. what is my concern is the values is he trying to impose on people of faith. that's exactly what he did with respect to this hhs regulation. when he says that the state. >> bill: why did he do it though? if he were a christian and he saw things the way do you and i think i'm more similar to you than the president, you know, a christian wouldn't be telling other christians hey, you have to put your belief system aside and do what the government tells you as far as birth control or anything else. so, certainly you have thought about barack obama and how he approaches religion and specialty. you must have thought about it. >> well, i don't think it has to do with whether a christian can tell another christian.
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it's whether a public official can tell someone of faith whether they are forced to violate the religious tenets because the government tells them they have to do it. you know this wasn't the only time. >> bill: why would president obama do that because set guy that drove the policy. biden didn't want to do it. the vice president didn't want to do it. he told president obama not to do it. president obama made the decision to do it. so, it's on him. he is the guy that wants to do it. and he says he is a christian. why would you want to do it? >> well, because i think what is he doing is saying the states' rights are more important than religious rights. he says the state has the ability to trump faith when the state wants to impose their values. >> bill: again, we have to go back to the president, the man, if you are going to oppose him, you are going to have to convince americans that you are a better man than he is. your vision is better but that you have a much more sensible approach than he does. and i still don't get any feeling from you about how you
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feel about the president, the man. how do you feel about him as a man? >> i think the president has a very very left wing ideology who tries to take every opportunity to take more and centralize more power in washington, d.c. i don't think is he a bad person, i think he is a good father. he is a good husband. but he is a very convicted idealogue who wants to impose his view of state control of things on the american public. he has done it with health care. he he did it with the government takeovers. he wanted to do it with cap and trade. is he doing it on the energy policy right now where this i called it radical ideology of putting, you know, the earth above the needs of man and the quality of life in this country. that is a fundamental misunderstanding. it's our job as people, as stewards of this earth to preserve the earth but also to use it for our benefit while preserving it he doesn't see it that way.
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>> bill: all right. last question. some conservatives believe i'm sure you have heard this that barack obama wants to do what you have just accused him of doing from radically changing the country from free market enterprise to a more quasisocialistic western european type thing and is he trying to break down the gas industry, oil industry trying to break it down on purpose in order to build up the other thing. do you buy into that? >> well, i buy he is certainly building dependency in this country and government coal of things. whether he is trying to deliberately break it down really isn't the point. just that because government can't do what millions of consumers and entrepreneurs have proven over the past 235 years of american history that we do better than everybody else which is freedom and
5:26 am
building a great country from the bottom up. he is someone who believes that you build great countries from the top down. that's why this election is the most important election of our lifetime. >> bill: all right, senator. we appreciate your time. we know you are very busy. thank you. 22 americans robbed at gunpoint in mexico because they were on a carnival cruise line and they went off to take a hike. we will tell you what happened. and another awful teacher/student relationship in california. megyn kelly has details on that also. the 17-year-old killed three students in ohio charged as juvenile. outrageous. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: two americans on board a carnival cruise line were robbed and the mexican seaside report of puerta car that last week. the tourists left the ship to take a hike and they were threatened. >> man wearing bandanna, sunglasses and baseball hat
5:30 am
that's all i initially saw that and a gun in his hand. >> passenger took this cell phone picture. >> my first thought was is he going to shoot us all or take one of us our our kids. >> demand. >> give money. >> drop the bags so they could take what they wanted somebody told us to run and get out of the judge del. >> unstable stable conditions. fox news correspondent juliet huddy. we asked to you talk to some of these people and find out what really went on down there and what happened? >> i spoke to one of the women that you saw there in that package. and she said, a, carnival has not been helpful. she hasn't heard a peep from them since they got back to long beach. number two, she also said that -- i actually thought this thing just didn't seem to add up. i said do you feel maybe this was a set up with the tour company, you know, bringing them out to this area that was really not part of the tour? she said yes that was my first
5:31 am
feeling. >> bill: explain what happened. cruise ship dock in puerta similar that and they have excursion. hike in the jungle. >> that was the end of the excursion. city and jungle tour. >> bill: they hire a local guy, mexican guy, not somebody from the cruise ship to take them and he takes them right into the gangster. >> takes them off the beaten path, nothing that the brochure described. this woman described really bizarre area that he took them to. >> bill: pretty harrowing. >> go up for a hike. all of a sudden this man shows up a gun, a semiautomatic. empty their wallets. all of them do except. >> bill: the tour guy. >> tour guide. >> bill: it's a set up. did these people lose a lot of money. >> hundreds and hundreds of dollars before they went out there. >> bill: carnival cruise line said too bad you take your chances. >> husband called carnival and talked to paul the tour guide on the ship. the phone conversation was cut off and now they can't reach paul. >> bill: all right. so, a word to the wise. we are not trying to destroy
5:32 am
anybody's tourist industry or carnival cruise lines you have got to be really careful going down there. huddy, you saw me with matt lauer a few weeks ago on "the today show." >> i did it was brilliant. >> bill: whitney houston terrible that she died of course, the media had turned away for years over her situation. lauer debated me on that but the other day he had lindsay lohan on his program he a did this. >> when you heard the news of her death, did any of it register on a personal level with you? >> i don't -- not -- not really. i wouldn't like to -- i don't want to go there. that's kind of a scary, morbid thing to discuss. but i mean maybe to some extent when i was really -- when, you know, when i went to jail and being in that place, that was really terrifying for me. >> but abuse also, in terms of substance abuse, it can rob talent. >> yeah, no, i a completely
5:33 am
agree. yeah, you can just kind of completely fall into that world and that's a really scary thing and i have experienced things like that. >> bill: all right. lauer did the right thing. that's what i was talking about. when you interview these people and they're obviously in bad situations as ms. lohan has been. you kind of gently say look, do you understand what could happen here? >> these people, these celebrities are surrounded as i have said before by the sick fins and -- throws of addiction, your body is yours but your mind is not. your mind is lost to something. and, you know, you don't know -- you know the difference between right and wrong. may not make the best decisions and, again, she has got her mother's off the deep end. the father is. >> that's for sure. pressure against this kind of behavior that ms. lohan and ms. whitney houston engages in hurt them. more people who say gently, i'm not saying lecture them.
5:34 am
look. you really in a bad spot more people that do that, and don't wink wink about it i think it's better. i will give you the last word. >> you can't just say to a drug addict deep in the throws of their addiction hey, buck up camper you are get better or you will die it doesn't register with them. >> bill: doesn't register. >> doesn't hurt to say it tuesday wake up and go you know what? that's right. >> they have to be ready to do it. >> bill: juliet huddy everybody. megyn kelly on the 17-year-old ohio killer being charged as a minor, what? then the great american news quiz the political extremist edition. we have some great questions and answers for you upcoming. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st, polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space, which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd
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>> bill: thanks for staying
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with us. in the kelly file segment tonight, the 17-year-old murdered three students earlier in ohio this week. charged as a juvenile. what? another student teacher situation. one in me desis a california james hooker who taught computer classes at enoch high school has quit his job left his wife and children and moved in one of his students. isn't that nice? 18-year-old jordan powers. incredibly the couple appeared on good morning america. >> do both of you understand how people hearing your story might not believe that this relationship didn't necessarily begin when you were 18? >> i think that they are just digging for something that wasn't there. i mean, of course they are going to be curious. but i know for a fact there is nothing. >> i don't think i look at her as a student as well. we are sharing life. >> people don't agree because of the age difference and because he was a teacher and i was a student but i think it's a normal relationship. >> bill: what do the legal
5:39 am
implications? here now and fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> yeah. as a former teacher i just -- somebody should just. >> disgusting. >> bill: it's worst than that. >> it's abusive. >> bill: you know, it's in an area where i think the authorities have to get involved, can they? >> yeah. i think they can. you can't make a statutory rape charge or pure child sexual abuse charge if she was 18 at the time the physical relationship police are investigating claim to the contrary is true. >> just turned 18. >> over 8,000 text mess sages. >> police will get to the bottom of it. i don't know about their denial. it you didn't do it come out and say it wasn't. it didn't happen. they were saying, this he not going to be able to prove it? >> give me the time line on this. she just turned 18, correct. >> just turned 18 in september. and they had a relationship prior to that that consisted
5:40 am
of according to them texting and telephone calls and so on. the wooing took place before then. but they claim it didn't turn sexual until she turned 18. having said that you don't know knows the law and worked around it enough to prevent a criminal charge. i don't think he is necessarily safe. the law in california actually includes endangering the welfare of a minor. you might be able to get there if can you prove that he caused her willfully inflicted unjustifiable mental suffering on her in a reckless way that was grossly. >> bill: mother has asked the authorities for the investigation. the mother is just -- you can imagine any decent mother would be crazy. but you also have another thing here. if she marries him. they can't testify against one another. if they go to vegas and get married. >> there is an exception to that law. >> bill: is there? >> when the spouse is the victim of a crime perpetrated by the defendant. >> bill: okay. >> so they allow you to do
5:41 am
that i don't know whether she wants to or would. >> bill: today she might not want to but then two weeks down the line who knows. >> here is the bottom line, she is brain washed. is he in a position of power over her. look at the pictures. look at herring at him longingly. position of power. the mother says she was a good good. didn't go out late partying. this guy is sending her text messages and wooing her into -- >> bill: is he married with kids. >> married with a daughter who is her age. her dad died in 2001. she is just a young girl at the time and does he do? steps in and takes advantage. a power figure in her life. male role model and he abuses the position and takes advantage of the young girl. >> bill: he had the gull to go on good morning america. >> she is the victim. >> bill: i'm not arguing with that it's on him. >> yeah. >> bill: in ohio teen shooter murders three students charged as a juvenile what's that all about. >> that's not going to stay.
5:42 am
they will charge him as an adult. the procedural requirements in the state of ohio require them to first charge him as a juvenile. >> bill: this is just a procedure. >> is he going to be charged as an adult. >> bill: the difference is he could get life as an adult and as a juvenile he only gets a few years. this is a serious situation you predict that he is going to be charged as an adult. >> he will be charged as an adult of the ohio law requires juvenile over 16 be tried as adult when firearm is used. he will be. >> bill: remember tiller the late term abortion doctor in kansas who was assassinated he had an assistant. by kansas law you have to have somebody rubber stamping if you are going to terminate a fetus, a baby two minutes before it's supposed to be berthed. i predicted that this woman tiller's assistant would lose her medical license. >> everything she did was entirely legal. >> bill: that's your opinion. proven to be wrong woman's license is going to be revoked. >> bill: yes, it has been revoked. >> the judge ordered that it be revoked because they said she did rubber stamp it.
5:43 am
that she didn't really document anything that was seriously wrong with these patients. between the ages of 10 years old and 18 years old they said she didn't fill out the paperwork. nothing could be gleaned from her exams. she had no details from the patient's statements about why they were. >> bill: she didn't show up. she wasn't on the premises. she did this -- remember, it's a thousand dollars for every baby that tiller killed. every baby. 5 grand she got a piece of that that's what was going on. look, all i want people to know is when we is assay something here, all right, we don't just speak off the top of our head. what that assistant doctor was doing in my opinion was murder. what tiller was doing was murder. now, in this country, they are never going to be charged with it but at least she lost her medical license. >> for the viewers that haven't been following it as closer as the factor has. 10-year-old girl going there and getting rubber stamp on the abortion of a baby that is 22 to 28 weeks old because she has mental stress? they just said i'm suicidal.
5:44 am
but no documentation of why they were suicidal or any follow up care? it was just like sure you are. >> bill: we took a lot of heat on this tiller business again that assassination never should have happened. we don't do that in this country i was absolutely right on what i reported and what we did here on the factor. miss megyn thank you. good to see you. great american news quiz political extremist edition and conservative blogger andrew breitbart dead at age 43. we will tell you what happened upcoming. you've felt like this before, right? 2:30 in the afternoon, a lot to do, and you've hit the wall. but you got to get stuff done. so take 5-hour energy. just open it up, knock it back, and roll up your sleeves. 5-hour energy is faster and easier than coffee. man, does it work. you'll get that alert, energized feeling you need to get stuff done. a lot of stuff. wow. look at you go. 5-hour energy. when you gotta get stuff done.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz the political extremist edition. oooh. this is all over the place. here now quiz kids fox news
5:48 am
anchor martha maccallum and steve doocy representing debra belvin toledo, ohio. win great prizes sign up on bill o' >> what does that mean? >> people who have gone over the edge. you have had some experience with that once in a while. >> too soft with us. >> swimming with a dolphin on dry land or something like that. >> bill: question number one adolf hitler believed that ceremony and symbolism was a good way to inspire his troops and the citizens of germany. [speaking german] >> bill: hitler designed the nazi flag himself. he copied the swastika symbol from the ancient culture of what country? the answer is d, india. still there today if you go to
5:49 am
india you will see that all over. people get offended but it's an ancient symbol. >> swastika? >> bill: exact same symbol. >> i will be darn. >> bill: question number two beatles were well known for political views but actually had lyrics critical of the mao in what 1968 song? >> bill: let's roll the tape ♪ ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow ♪ it's going to be all right. >> bill: all right. got that right. may not know about hitler but you know about the beatles. >> we got our priorities. >> bill: tie so far. governor george wallace took a stand against school immigration in 1963.
5:50 am
>> jimmy hood and vivian malone had been signed up for summer classes. [shouting] >> ma'am, you dropped your book. ma'am -- >> bill: all right. the woman wallace tried to block from going to school vivian malone jones has a famous brother-in-law. this is an interesting question. who is it? the answer is eric holder. the attorney general of the united states. and now you know. >> the rest of the story. >> bill: why holder is the way he is. because his family goes way back to the civil rights movement and that has shaped, i think, the attorney general. i think he would admit that, his thinking. that's why he rules the way he rules on many of these things. two wrong. one right. leads us to a tie with two to go. all right? question number four.
5:51 am
cleopatra loved her of egypt, of course, is known as one of the most extreme leaders the world has ever seen. >> stay where you are. i have dismissed you? >> no, your majesty. >> this is my palace, caesar. all of it is therefore available to meet my will. i'm not your -- if anything, you are my guest. >> that's kind. >> what are you waiting for? >> bill: excellent. cleopatra committed suicide along with her lover marc anthony. how did cleopatra do herself in according to the legend? the answer is c allowed a snake to bite her. very good. you knew that. >> what kind of snake. >> an asp. >> who are you calling an asp? [ laughter ] >> bill: tied going into the last question. what a thrilling -- the
5:52 am
revolutionary shage portrayed by del toro. ♪ speaking foreign language] >> bill: all right. shae, he was an educated man and becoming a cuban militant he was trained as, what? the answer is b, a doctor. maccallum scores. >> very exciting and educational tonight. >> bill: did you know that. >> did i know that, actually. >> bill: how did you know that? >> knowledge. she had knowledge. >> bill: do you know where he was finally murdered, killed? what country? do you know?
5:53 am
>> mexico. >> bill: bolivia. they got him. they chased him down and that was the end of che. viva revolution. maccallum was the winner. that means paul pierce, dover, delaware -- but, debra, you get some stuff, too. thank doocy for the fact that you are not getting as much as paul. >> he should have been a lawyer. >> bill: pinheads and patriots next. andrew breitbart dies suddenly in california. p and p just over t
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> pinheads & patriots. but first the mail. nancy doil, rockdale, massachusetts... >> because it's my job to tell you the truth. both the president and the governor are misrepresented by those in the press who oppose them. simple as that. >> you know, it's a good thing that we are the only ones over there in florence, that's a good thing.
5:56 am
>> you badly need to get some fresh air, john. >> you need to go with john to get some fresh air. pennsylvania, yeah, meet somewhere around memphis. disdain, fawning. >> let me break this to you gently, mike, the oil cartels and companies do not operate in a free market. all right?
5:57 am
>> i hope they kick you where it hurts, goldberg. see you on machine. he can't help himself. [chuckles] your dad is right, kyle. >> excellent, megan, thank you. [laughter] >> that's cold, garry. >> what about miller? sheryl? he looks old. the bolder, fresher tour rolls into indianapolis and chicago in june. hope to see you. the indianapolis show will sell out. so if you want the good tickets,
5:58 am
get there right away. chicago matinee, still some ticket there is. pinheads & patriots, 43-year-old conservative blogger andrew brightbart died today. he might have had a heart attack. me and his family are, of course, in our prayers. i just saw him last week in los angeles. we had a brief conversation. i didn't know him very well. but he was a force in conservative politics and seemed to be very conservative in his beliefings. i know that. he was a patriot. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor web site. also, i would like to spout off about the factor, from anywhere in the world, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, don't be a tr troker. good word. i am bill o'reilly. please, always remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for
5:59 am
>> tgif, everyone. it's friday, march 2nd. hope you're going to have a fantastic weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. a shocking moment at philadelphia international airport. did you hear about this? a drunk driver crashes through a chain link fence and gets within 100 feet of an airplane start trying to land. get this, the airport says their security is just fine. >> then as millions of americans are digging deeper in their pockets to fill up their gas tanks, president obama taking a shot. at big oil. >> you can stand with oil companies or you can stand up for the american people! >> well, he said that for the last four years but who is really to blame for skyrocketing gas prices? we've got the numbers. >> plus while you were sleeping, the bomb squad was at rush limbaugh's house. why they we there. and all the fallout coming up. "fox & friends" starts right now.


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